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The Florida Division of Emergency Management, in coordination with each local emergency management agency in the state, developed a registry to allow residents with special needs to register with their local emergency management agency to receive assistance during a hurricane or tropical storm. The State registry will forward to Lee County Emergency Management the information you provide here. Completing the Florida Special Needs Registry does not automatically qualify you for a special needs shelter. Lee County may require some additional information from you to determine which shelter is most appropriate for your needs, which may be in the format of additional forms or a phone call.

You must re-apply each year to remain on the registry. Once your application has been processed by Lee County Emergency Management, you will receive a letter from us specific to your sheltering and/or transportation needs. Providing as much information as possible will allow us to speed up the application processing time. The individual surveys will be archived after one year if not verified. Registering on this website is not a guarantee that Lee County emergency officials will be able to assist you in an emergency.

Why should you register?

Exclamation If you do not have a place to go when an evacuation has been ordered by Lee County Emergency Management and you should not shelter in place.
Exclamation If you do not have your own transportation or a means to get to a Public Shelter.
Exclamation If you use medical equipment that requires electricity and do not have a generator.

Information provided through the FL Get a Plan website for the purposes of building a family and/or business emergency plan is exempt from public records requests made of the Division and is only used for the express purpose of allowing visitors to this website to build and maintain family and/or business emergency plans. Florida Statute 252.905 declares any information furnished by a person or business to the Florida Division of Emergency Management for the purpose of being provided assistance with emergency planning is exempt from F.S. 119.07 (1) and s. 24 (a), Art. I of the State Constitution.

For registry questions, please contact the Florida Special Needs Registry Help desk.

Email: FLSNRsupport@deltaone.com
Phone: 800-374-9689
TTY: 800-395-1878

For assistance with Lee County Special Needs Registry, call Debbie Quimby at:

Phone: 239-533-0640
Fax: 239-477-3636

Floridians are encouraged to prepare for all types of emergencies. Building an individual or family emergency plan is the first step. During an emergency, the government and other agencies may not be able to meet your needs. You should be prepared to take care of yourself and loved ones for a minimum of 72 hours. Those individuals with a special need are encouraged to identify an emergency support network and to build a disaster supply kit.

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