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To register for the Osceola County Special Needs Registry Program, please sign up at https://member.everbridge.net/index/892807736729801#/login

The basic eligibility criteria you would need to meet to stay in a special needs shelter:

  1. You are a person with special medical needs
  2. Your care exceeds the basic first aid provided at general population shelters
  3. Your impairments or disabilities are medically stable and do not exceed the capacity, staffing and equipment of the special needs shelter to minimize deterioration of your pre-event level of health

Remember — just because you have a disability does NOT mean you will require a Special Needs Shelter. Some people with disabilities can be safely accommodated in a general population shelter. And the best places to shelter for every Floridian are:

  1. with friends or family
  2. in a safe structure
  3. outside of the evacuation area

The Special Needs program may be used for any emergency requiring evacuation (flooding, hurricanes, hazardous material spills or gas leaks). Resources are limited and those persons registered will have priority when an emergency arises. Do not wait until an evacuation order is given to request being added to the Registry.

Things to Note!

  • Special Needs Shelters are for clients and their designated care giver only. Accommodations for the rest of your household will likely need to be in a general population shelter.
  • Application DOES NOT automatically guarantee assignment. Medical staff at the shelter will make the final decision based on current needs.
  • Clients must provide their own medication, medical equipment and at least 24 hours of oxygen. Current medical information will be required.
  • Pets are not allowed in a special needs shelter. If you are unable to make private arrangements for your pets, let us know. Transportation will be provided to take them to a pet shelter. Please have your animal's medical records available.

  • For questions concerning registration, sheltering, transportation and evacuation, please contact your local emergency management agency at: https://floridadisaster.org/counties/
  • For software and technical support, please contact the Florida Special Needs Registry Help desk Click here

  • Important!
    You should be prepared to take care of yourself and loved ones for up to 72 hours. Those individuals with a special need are encouraged to identify an emergency support network and to build a disaster supply kit. Registering on this website is not a guarantee that emergency officials will be able to assist you in an emergency.

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