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Special Needs Registry


Please click the blue button below to register for the Palm Beach County Special Needs Registry.

Palm Beach County has established a Special Needs Shelter to provide for citizens with certain medical problems during a major emergency.

Admittance to these facilities may be restricted to persons with any of the following needs:

  • Electrical dependence.
  • Immobile and/or have a chronic stable illness.
  • Minor health/medical conditions requiring observations.
  • Professional assistance with Medications and/or vital sign monitoring.
  • Bedridden and require custodial care.

The Special Needs program may be used for any emergency requiring evacuation (flooding, hurricanes, hazardous material spills or gas leaks). Do not wait until an evacuation order is given to request being added to the Registry.

In order to register, please contact us at 561-712-6400 or click the BLUE button below:

Please be aware that utilizing the green button below will cause a significant delay in your registration.

For Special Needs questions, please contact Palm Beach County Division of Emergency Management

Phone: (561)712-6400

In order to ensure that your registration is not delayed, do NOT use the green button above. Please contact our office at (561) 712-6400, or visit our Special Needs Registration website.

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