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Please click the following link to access the Santa Rosa County Special Needs Registry:

The Florida Division of Emergency Management has developed a state-wide registry for residents who are vulnerable-at-risk and hard-to-reach. This voluntary registry allows those residents who are most at-risk during a disaster to receive assistance with sheltering, transportation and welfare checks. Special Needs Shelters are a temporary, emergency-type facility that is able to provide special/supervised housing to individuals whose physical or mental condition exceeds the Red Cross Disaster Health Services level of capability for basic first aid in emergency/disaster shelters. F.S. 252.355

While it is encouraged that you seek shelter outside of the area of danger, Santa Rosa County Emergency Management understands that some residents may not be able to evacuate. The benefits of signing up for the registry prior to a disaster provides first responders and Emergency Management the information to prepare and provide valuable assistance to the vulnerable population within Santa Rosa County.

When signing up we urge all registrants to provide as much information as possible. By providing your medical history, this allows those responding to the disaster to accommodate you and your needs as best we can. The Santa Rosa County Division of Emergency Management maintains the registry and the information provided is only shared with Santa Rosa County and State of Florida interacting agencies to be able to serve the registrant. This information is not available to the public.

You will be contacted twice a year to verify your information and to make any changes that may have occurred. Any individual survey that is not verified after one year will be archived and facility surveys will be archived after six months if not verified.

Completion of the Florida Special Needs Registry application does not automatically qualify a person for the special needs shelter. Qualification is determined by the Santa Rosa County Department of Health who reviews the medical portion of the application to assign the registrant to the appropriate shelter that best fits their needs.

By completing this form, I give my authorization for medical information contained herein to be released to the Florida Department of Health, State and County emergency management agencies, and receiving facilities for the purpose of evaluating my needs and providing emergency transportation and sheltering. Records relating to registration of disabled citizens are exempt from the provisions of F.S. 119.07 (1), Public Records Law. The information contained here will be kept confidential.

For registry questions, please contact your local Emergency Management Office or the Florida Special Needs Registry Help desk.

Santa Rosa County Emergency Management:

Phone: (850) 983-5360

  • For questions concerning registration, sheltering, transportation and evacuation, please contact your local emergency management agency at:
  • For software and technical support, please contact the Florida Special Needs Registry Help desk Click here

  • Important!

    Emergency responders may not be able to meet your needs during an emergency. Therefore, all Floridians are encouraged to prepare for every type of disaster. Having an emergency kit with enough supplies to meet you and your family’s needs for 72 hours is recommended.

    Remember: Registering on this website does not guarantee that emergency officials will be able to assist you in an emergency. Again, you should plan accordingly to take care of yourself and your loved ones for a minimum of 72 hours.

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