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Special Needs & Evacuation Assistance Program


To register for the Seminole County Medically Enhanced Shelter Program, please sign up at https://member.everbridge.net/index/892807736729260#/login or visit www.prepareseminole.org

The Special Needs and Evacuation Assistance Program is designed for individuals living at home that need assistance with evacuation and/or those requiring medical assistance in a public shelter.

It is important that everyone be responsible for their own safety and make a plan that includes where to go, who to contact, what to bring, and how to get there. Only residents meeting one of the following categories are eligible for assistance from the County:

  • Those who require transportation assistance.
  • Those whose medical needs prevent them from evacuating on their own.
  • Those who need minimal medical assistance in a public shelter.

The Special Needs program may be used for any emergency requiring evacuation (flooding, hurricanes, hazardous material spills or gas leaks). Resources are limited and those persons registered will have priority when an emergency arises. Do not wait until an evacuation order is given to request being added to the Registry.

In order to register, please call the Special Needs line at 407-665-5102 or visit our website at: www.prepareseminole.org and click “Special Needs”

Please be aware that utilizing the green button and filling out the survey does not register persons for the local special needs program and may cause a delay in your registration.

For Special Needs questions, please contact Seminole County Office of Emergency Management

Email: flscpsn@seminolecountyfl.gov
Phone: 407-665-5102

  • In order to ensure that your registration is not delayed, do not use the green button above. Please contact our office at (407)665-5102 or visit our website at: www.prepareseminole.org.

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